2012 Canadian Championships – Regatta Report

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I’d be surprised if results appeared anywhere on the web since I saw that the results were hand-written. It was a light air regatta, very little trapezing, only for brief moments here and there. Only one race on Saturday, the wind died after the second race was started and it got cancelled. Three races on Sunday, the wind was from the north for the first race (system), transitioning to a light thermal for the second race (south). It was the established light termal for the last race which was pretty much started after the 1PM time limit in desperation from the race comitee. They did a good job considering the very light winds. So Jeff won every single race, his crew was a local from RCYC, we had absolutely no chance, although Marie could be seen a few times on the course ahead of him. I was crewing for Marg and it was actually good fun to be battling with Marie with Stephane as crew. We were 2-2-3 and she was 3-3-2 so it was match racing between Marie and Marg for the last race and the second place at the canadians. We managed to beat Marie on the last leg of that race, purely on tactics because she had been beating us on every single upwind, while we had been beating her on every single downwind. There’s been speculation that Marg’s spinnaker, the P&B Monster Mac, did better than Marie’s Ullman, but I’m working on a theory for which the single pole system is better in light airs than the double pole system. At least this theory could save me some money and work for a little while. The OHCC is a nice little club, it looks a lot more like LDSC or KSC than NSC. I’m used to RCYC when going to Toronto, so I was not prepared for free food, free beer, free wine, no shower facility, no dress code, but parking next to the boat and water.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stilpaul/sets/72157631662978626

canadian championship results – 505

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