2015 Eastern Canadian Regatta Report

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King Neptune decided to have some fun this weekend. On Friday, an easterly developed over Lake Ontario and persisted all day and through the night.  The fleet woke up Saturday morning to a warm sunny 15-18 knots and still from the east.  What does this mean for Toronto?  Answer: Big ocean waves and breeze.

As we rigged our boats, local Contender sailors laughed nervously and promised us an awesome day.  Putting on a brave face, we had a quick skippers meeting and headed out.  I will say it now, I was a bit nervous. The race track was out beyond the infamous pier and big breakers smashed against the wall throwing water ever where.  Visions of shattered boat bits did come to mind because the leeward mark was really not that far off shore. Trying to stay calm and talking in a reassuring voice, I joked how much fun we were having (It is OK to lie sometimes). Beating up wind, we would go over large rollers with no bottom insight as we headed over the wave.  As water emptied out underneath us, the free fall would happen and then we would land sending shivers throughout the boat and rig. Questions of whether the boat could handle such abuse did cross my mind.
505 regatta sept-5563

Sunday Afternoon at the races

Of course the typical problem of no wind in the trough and too much at the crests where an issue.The wind did not cease during the day but the worry disappeared.  All it took was a bit of getting use to.  After the first race we truly started having fun.  And the more we spent sailing in such an environment the funnier it got. Being an Ottawa sailor, you just don’t get exposure to such conditions.  It was truly a thrill.   I should mention that two years ago we had big swells at this same venue.

It may have been fun for the sailors but it was ‘puke city’ for the RC.  Just looking at them made me turn green because their boat would ride up the wave and then turn side to side after every crest.  They were the real heros of the event.  And their attitude was awesome.  “We may not have a perfectly square line but we would rather you be racing instead of waiting!”   We also witnessed a spectacular pitch pole of an F18 that was out for a pleasure sail.
The day finished after 5 races and we returned to a calm, warm sunny OHCC sailing club. Greeted with cold beer and a massive steak dinner.  What a life!  Saturday was probably the most fun and exciting day I have had all summer.
Sunday, the winds shifted to the south west and were light but the bailers worked all day. This was when the close racing began.  The sails were always full and it was really good for the body because we were feeling very sore and stiff in the boat from the day before.  By the end of the day, we could have done another day of racing if was a  three day regatta.
I can’t praise OHCC club enough for their hospitality.  In my mind it is the perfect club. Very small, cottage like club house, great docks, deep water, tons of parking right there and lovely people.  The contender fleet are wonderful, super keen and supportive of the 505.  We make good partners on the race track.
The event also marks the official handover of Jeff Boyd’s boat to it’s new owner, Peter Hale. Jeff was great because he sailed with Peter and spent the two days going over all the details of the boat.  Peter is an excellent Contender sailor and I predict he will quickly be up to speed for next season. Not to worry, Jeff plans to continue 505 sailing, it is just that he is done with boat ownership.  Attention Steve Adolph, get your boat back on the water because Jeff needs you. Also Marek and his rock star driver Balinski who is Albacore NA’s champion also joined us for the weekend in Mike Agrell’s boat.  Even though they spent Saturday swimming they saw the potential in the boat and are looking to purchase.  They have a budget of 10k and if you know of a boat, please let them know.
So the weekend also turned out to be a good fleet building opportunity
Here are the results:
Race 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total Drop Net
Hale/Boyd 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 1 14 5 9
Adams/Adams 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 14 4 10
Balinski/Bartski DNF DNF 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 30 10 20
Ross/Terbrugge DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS 4 4 4 4 41 10 31

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