505 Sailing in Kingston is Back!

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After a long drought of 505 sailing in Kingston, it simply got too much for us and folks picked a date and decided to meet at KYC and go sailing together.

Sure, we had to get formal about it and call it a “training camp” but really it was just an excuse to rekindle old friends, and do what we miss and love.

And the 505 gods took mercy upon us delivering a full two days of 20+ knots.  Hot sun, warm wind, clear green water and rock em’ sock um’ waves.  It was kingston at it’s best.

And of course a wonderful party was throw by the Boyds at their famous garage.  It was really like the good ol days.

More sailing to come.  The future is bright.  May the spirit live on.

(Many thanks to Gord Crothers for the use of his rib.)

More photos on the Canadian 505 Sailing Facebook Page



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