Barbados 505 Worlds – shipping info for Canadians

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Hi all,

I’ve had back and forth correspondence with various people on the transport of Canadian 505’s to/from Barbados. The two quotes we have at the moment are around $9,000 for a 40′ from Toronto to Barbados and back.

The following is the text of an e-mail from Pip Pearson

“Hi Angus,
Keep in touch with the details for your 40” container freight costs.
Pursue your transport companies on the basis that you are representing your Country at a World Championship event and actively seek a “special rate”. .
As Peter Gilkes explained the “Geest deal” was a special price from Geest, covering the routes that their company covers.
The Organising Committee is actively pursuing other possibilities for favourable freight rates.
From within the parameters of the Sponsorship funding, we will be attempting to provide the maximum incentive for competitors to attend.
Once the final sponsorship is “signed off” we can then determine what freight subsidies we MAY be able to offer in order to subsidise the freight costs for the non-European competitors.
i.e. Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.
In an “ideal world” it would be great if we could offer freight assistance to all the non-European countries, so that all competitors could arrive at the venue for the same freight cost.
I’m not suggesting that this is possible, but we will “bending over backwards” to assist where we can to ensure the maximum number of entries.

So it seems as if there MIGHT be some relief in freight charges but we’ll have to wait to see. Interestingly enough I was sailing with Marco Giraldi who was at the La Rochelle Worlds and he recalled Pip syaing there that all boats would be charged the same freight rate. He also checked with Ethan Bixby who had similar recollections!

I don’t think that HST is charged on the shipping but will verify. I’m not sure how many boats will finally go – are there any others who have expressed interest?

I’ll keep you posted


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