BC Championship/Bluenose Regatta 2017

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BC Championship/Bluenose Regatta,  October 28th and 29th 2017

The sun came out, it didn’t rain, it didn’t blow and nobody went swimming so the only bluenoses that I saw where the ones on the trophy which happened to be reassigned pencil sharpeners.

Saturday was a light wind day, not much tide and the Westerly just never made it. Gains could be made tacking out and not going up the beach to pick the patches of breeze and it was test of light wind boast speed. 8631 sailed by Courtney Starks and Tom Crawford had amazing light wind boat speed but in race 2 sailed extra distance on the first rotation with a detour to the committee boat. I was sailing with Andriy Kanyuka and with a combination of reasonable boat speed combined with going in the right direction we obtained 3 bullets.

On Sunday it was much of the same until the Westerly filled in for races 7 and 8 blowing about 12 knots and then it was a drag race up the beach. With little flood tide most boats over stood the weather mark. We had great trap boat speed. I am starting to figure out the tuning of the new M2 rig.  In race 8 while being in commanding position we had an over enthusiastic jibe resulting in taking on water so that race became our throw out and made the final result a tie breaker.

6 boats registered and Phil Cragg came out for 2 races on Sunday for a seventh.

The Bluenose was designated as the BC Championship and people that don’t know or remember the trophy is a birds eye view metalwork 505 complete with silver solder rigging made by Andy Blumel who taught shop.

Ian Plumbley

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