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Henry's Boat HoistOne of the happiest times of my life is spent in my garage.  I admit it. I am a tinkerer.    Picture this, I got the woodstove going, the kids are in bed and the dishes are done.  And I got a few hours to myself to tinker with the boat.

I think about this system and that.  The whole process of ‘recreational boat work’ is one of the most underrated activity going.  Lots of people criticize the 505 for being too maintenance heavy but in my eyes this is one of it’s attractive features.    Sure, there is nothing finer than rippin’ down wind over waves and shit but to actually tinker is a delightful activity.

Anyways, back to the boat hoist discussion.  Have you ever been working by yourself and you need your boat turned over to work on something?  Admit it, you have.  We all wished we could have a bunch of little elves that would drop out of the sky and flip your boat on demand.

Well, this problem has been answered by Henry Amthor – the king of every 505 trick in the book.  He has got a solution for everything.  One of those neat ideas is a hammock where he can rotate his boat any direction.  Check out his pics for ideas.

And here are the words from the master himself.

“Make rope loops around the hull ,…Tie a line between to  keep from sliding off the ends. I think the lift perchas is 4:1 led out to cleats on the garage wall.


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