First Aussie Worlds Report March 30, 2010

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Well  we  opened  the  worlds  with  a 16 and a 26  on  the  first  day.  Big
swell, and  lots  of  breeze.   We  are  as  fst as  many of  the  top  boats
and  are  swapping  tacks  with  likes  of  Hamilin, Martin, Hunger  and
others,  but they  seem  to  get  those  little  jumps that  put  them  in
the  top  ten  and  us  chassing  them.  We  sat  on  the  beach  for  three
days  because  it was too windy.  Finally  they  put  us  out on  the  track
today,  big  breeze  and  squalls and  then  breeze  from  12-22 on  the
track,  some  big  shifts  that  heled  us  out  in t he  second  race to move
up  and  then  a  bad  rounding  to  put  us  back.  Still very  happy  with
the  results  and  having  a  great  time.

More  wind  perdicted for tommorow,  26 dropping  to  20 in the  afternoon.

2 races schedualed.

They  have  been  having  problems with  the  SAP  and  the  trac trac stuff,
they have  us  finishing  9th in one  race  too  bad  that  was  not  the  case.

Well  the  goal  foR  tommorow  is to  be  Tenth and  be  the  rabbitt!

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