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The organiser for the 505 worlds in Barbados has been in touch with me (he picked up the Canadian Championship contact details) to push for Canadian entries for the 2013 worlds.  He sent the attached presentation and it would be good to link it in with the Canadian website (or e-mail it to the Canadian fleets) as it gives a lot of information on the event.  They are checking with Canadian shippers about a Canadian container and I’m waiting for pricing etc but it might be that any Canadian boats would have to link up with the US shipper.  I’ll give you an update on that when I hear from them.  At the moment they have 21 boats registered from the UK, 27 from Germany and four containers booked for Australia so it looks as if the fleet will be well over 100 boats (but not as high as La Rochelle).

505 Presentation in La Rochelle

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