Toronto Regatta – Ontario 505 Championships – September 2018

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Wind, cottage ambiance, good food and friendly sailors are the hallmark characteristics of annual Toronto 505 regatta, also considered the Ontario Championships.
A sure sign that the RC is awesome when they said at the skippers meeting that I would rather have us racing than for them to try to make a perfect course. I also loved that they encouraged radios and to call anytime to make a suggestion or just to say Hi.
Saturday delivered with breeze ranging from 12-25 kts. It was lumpy north westerlies and the course was set beyond the lee of Toronto Island making for lumpy sailing. One minute it was champagne conditions and the next minute you were getting your ass kicked by big puffs. In summary, boat handling skills won the day over hull speed and tactics.
By Sunday sailors were begging for a light day due to fatigue, and mother nature was kind leaving a nice breeze but the bailers were able to drain all day long if needed. Boat speed, positioning and tactics became important skills of the day
The Toronto 505 sailing scene is extremely healthy. Thanks to previous fleet building efforts by Angus Ross, Marek Balinski seems to take the torch and build on it by buying a new boat, travelling and encouraging experienced Albacore sailors to come try a boat with a kite.
And then there is the lovely support by the contender fleet who look after the details of regatta logistics by doing all the background jobs and having each sailor arrange one part of the meal by doing the beer run, buying fresh apple pie or grabbing the steaks and cooking them for you. Thank you contender folks, our two classes make for wonderful partners.
See you next season. Bow down and go.
Dave Adams

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