Toronto (Fleet 14)

Welcome to Toronto’s thriving 5O5 fleet, based at the Outer Harbour Centreboard Club.

As of 2024, our fleet boasts six highly active boats and several others that join in the excitement less frequently. Each week, we have a mass-start club race, and an occasional highlight is a weekend 5O5 event in September. However, our primary focus is beyond racing; we are committed to introducing new 5O5 owners and sailors to our community while honing our skills in preparation for competition.

We travel to regattas in diverse locations, from local regattas in Kingston and Ottawa to events in New England, the mid-Atlantic, and the Florida Mid-Winter Championship. We eagerly participate in the North American and World Championships, wherever they are held.

The heartbeat of our fleet is our weekly group practice sessions, followed by insightful debriefs. We mix and match people, owners and non-owners alike, with various boats, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to grow skilled and enthusiastic drivers and crew.

The Toronto 505 fleet extends a warm welcome to sailors seeking the challenge, exhilaration, and joy of racing the world’s best dinghy. Renowned for its competitiveness, our class is equally celebrated for its welcoming, supportive, and fun atmosphere. We are particularly eager to encourage more women and young people to join our ranks, with a special emphasis on recruiting sailors with the size and agility to crew.

If you’re interested in joining us, whether you own a boat or not, reach out to Doug Watson via the contact us form, here. We can’t wait to get you on board.