Nepean One Design – Regatta Report

Record participation at NOD 2024 NOD 2024 saw a record registration of 16 teams including 14 U25 sailors form USA, Toronto and the Ottawa areas.

Racing was cancelled on Saturday has the wind did not show up but Ethan Bixby was very generous of his time, giving instructions on different aspects of rigging, sail shape and sailing the 505. His boat was literally surround by the young and the older 505 sailors all day, curious to learn from this experience sailor and sail maker.

Three races were run on Sunday in wind ranging from 8 to 15 kn. Racing was very close with seconds separating the top boats at the end of all races.

Ethan sailing with Cameron Laing (Youth sailor on BYC Laser Racing Team) placed 1 st overall. Debbie Ashby and Dave Adams were second and Christian Voyer and Luke Strickland (U25 team from NSC) placed 3 rd . Only 1pt separate Ethan and Debbie teams and there was also 1pt between Debbie and Christian teams.

The fleet wants to thank Shona Weldon (8610) and Steve Lovshin (8468) for lending their boat to youth teams. The Fleet boat (was also raced by a youth team.

505 Fleet

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Entries: 16, Scoring system:

RankFleetMain sail numberBoat nameNettTotal062301
ClubSkipper nameCrew 1 name
1st505USA 8856Science Project6. BixbyCameron Laing
2nd5058696Loose Unit7. SCDebbie AshbyDave Adams
3rd505138Gowabunga8. SCChristian VoyerLuke Strickland
4th5058735Spaghetti Factory12. SCBrent BeningerAlex Taylor
5th5058442MWP18. SCThomas AdolfSteven Adolf
6th5058587The Pink Panther Strikes Again19. SCPaul PlaceRae-Anne Norwood
7th505920Mistery27. DNSNepean SCMarie GendronDavid Browne
8th5058753Road Trip29. MorrisonDrake Morrison
9th5058468Double Dragon30.030.017.0 DNC5.08.0Britannia YCMalcolm MacGillivrayJonathon Tremblay
10th505CAN7605 SCAndrew GesingAdam Gesing
11th5058610Plane Chaos34. RETNepean SCJoel VoyerSiqi Zhang
12th5058645Green with Envy36. SCMarg HurleyRob Voyer
13th505USA7773Nattom Bomb36. SCThomas StorerNathaniel Storer
14th505USA 005 YCBrodie SorensonLiam Downes
15th5056910Toil and Trouble39. DNCNepean SCChris EdwardsJohn Bryant
16th5058410Bandersnatch51.051.017.0 DNC17.0 DNC17.0 DNCNepean SCClarissa BushChris Gillies

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